Fall is the perfect season to get away from it all, get off the beaten track and reconnect with nature. Thanks to the Quebec Adventure Outdoor network, you can hike to breathtaking vistas, make your way across a rock wall on a via ferrata, try your hand as a musher for a day or relax in the comfort of a cottage nested in nature. Across Quebec, explore a host of safe outdoor activities to make the most of the fall colors.

Go on awe-inspiring hikes

Put on your boots, grab your backpack and get ready for unforgettable moments in the great outdoors. Hike along enchanting trails to see fall’s colorful palette. Take a deep breath of fresh air and marvel at the province’s breathtaking landscapes. Experienced guides will help you discover hidden treasures, from crystal-clear waterfalls to breathtaking panoramas. Whether you’re a first-time adventurer or a seasoned hiker, there are itineraries to suit all levels. Soak up the magical atmosphere of fall in Quebec and create lasting memories as you explore nature in all its splendor.

Explore breathtaking scenery

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Discover Quebec from an original and unique angle! A true hybrid between hiking and climbing, via ferrata is a unique and ecological way to admire the countryside from a height while overcoming your fears. Whatever your skill level, follow the experts as they guide you along rock faces in complete safety using a steel cable. You’ll be in for a real treat!

Try a cani-kart or dog scooter

Explore autumn in a unique, exciting way! Inspired by dog sledding and designed to train dogs before the coming winter season, cani-karting and dog scootering let you feel the thrill of adventure while admiring the fall colors. Become the leader of a pack for a moment and take to the scenic trails for an unforgettable autumn exploration.

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating stay in nature

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Looking for an adventurous escape in the heart of nature? Whether in a dome, a tree house, a yurt, a hut or a cottage, there are tons of accommodation options to fulfill your desire to get away from it all and disconnect from everyday life. To maximize the zen factor, combine your stay in the forest with the various micro-adventures and outdoor activities available throughout Quebec.

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