Quebec in winter is simply magical. With an abundance of snow and a multitude of natural territories within our reach, you can seize every opportunity to play outside... without ever getting bored. Put on your tuques and mittens, the Québec Adventure Outdoor network offers you safe access to nature and invites you to get off the beaten track to explore a host of supervised winter outdoor activities that will make your cheeks turn red and warm your heart.

Extraordinary skiing for everyone

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Take full advantage of the nature that surrounds you by gliding quietly on the trails or cross-country ski tracks. Accessible to the whole family, young and old, recreational and competitive, a wide variety of trails is offered to cross-country skiers in Quebec. For the more experienced and thrill-seeking skiers, break through the powder and be the first to make your mark on the snow by off-trail skiing down the slopes at full speed. Whether you're on your own or with a guide, discover snowy slopes that are perfect for a good dose of adrenaline.

Break the ice!

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Ice axes in hand and crampons on the feet, all types of climbers can take on the challenge of ice falls or ice walls, even the less experienced! If you like the via ferrata, try its winter version and find yourself in a fairy tale setting all frosted on the mountain wall! Only a few via ferrata trails are open in winter and allow you to live a very different experience than in summer. Whether you’re looking for an introductory course, a guided outing or equipment rental, the companies in the Québec Adventure Outdoor network will be able to advise you on how to practise your favourite climbing activity in complete safety.

Biking in the winter

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Cycling enthusiasts, rediscover your favourite activity by riding a fatbike on the various snowy trails. Although a little more physically demanding than the traditional bicycle, this snow bike or bike with oversized tires, is appreciated by both experienced and novice riders and allows you to discover a completely different winter scenery. Oversized tire bike rental services are also available from companies and regional parks in the Québec Adventure Outdoor network so that you can safely discover the generous nature of Québec, with or without a guide.


Go snowshoeing through the backcountry

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Renowned for its vast snow-covered forests, mountainous landscapes and breathtaking frosty views, Quebec has everything to please cold weather lovers. With a host of marked trails of various levels, there is no better opportunity to get together with family or friends for a great snowshoeing trip. Those who are not afraid of the cold will find a real paradise and endless options for snowshoe excursions on their own or with a guide.

Go dogsledding

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This winter, discover the backcountry by dog sled. Whether you're a driver or a passenger, dog sledding is the most authentic winter experience in Quebec to do at least once in your life, even with children! Trust yourself and become a musher for a day by driving a dog sled. For the little ones or the more contemplative, follow the guide and get on the sled to see the landscape go by at full speed.

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