Summer in the Outaouais region is a gourmet patio where you can soak up the sun with a refreshing drink in hand. It’s escaping into nature by spending the night in a unique accommodation under the stars. It’s cycle paths stretching to the horizon, and walks in search of the most beautiful panoramas. It’s cultural activities to discover and festive events to enjoy. Outaouais is all that!

HillHaus Dômes Pontiac: for a unique nature getaway

Photo credit: HillHaus Dômes Pontiac

Enjoy a unique experience in the heart of nature at HillHaus Dômes Pontiac. Perched on a hillside overlooking a private lake, each geodesic dome is equipped with a kitchenette and a full bathroom. Relax in the hot tub on the deck of your dome and admire the shooting stars! Spend the night in a cozy bed, fall in love with the unspoiled natural surroundings, and discover the mountain range that’s a prominent feature of the 160-acre property. You may even encounter some wild animals on your walk.

CarpeDiem Aventures: to enjoy the great outdoors

Photo credit: Myriam Baril-Tessier

Discover the beauty of the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau with CarpeDiem Aventures, a business specializing in customized outdoor packages on land and on the water. You can rent recreational equipment such as bikes, kayaks, canoes and paddleboards. The on-site CarpeDiem Bistro serves tasty and wholesome fare prepared with local ingredients. Spend the night in unique accommodations, including micro-cabins and suspended tents, and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Edja in the town of Blue Sea.

Fairbairn House Heritage Centre: to learn about the region’s history

Photo credit: Myriam Baril-Tessier

Learn about the history of the Gatineau River Valley at the Fairbairn House Heritage Centre, which dates back to 1861. Discover the local heritage exhibits in William Fairbairn’s family home and take a guided tour. Visit the log cabin and the heritage barn, watch a performance on the outdoor stage, or take a stroll on the walking trails. There is also a tourist office on the premises. The Heritage Centre is a stone’s throw from Wakefield’s famous covered bridge.

Plaisance Falls: to soak up the sun with family and friends

Photo credit: Myriam Baril-Tessier

Visit the majestic Plaisance Falls, a beautiful natural and historic site. The falls are over 60 metres high, and it’s a great spot for a picnic with family or friends. Enjoy the view from the lookout, rest for a moment in one of the observation areas, or explore the walking trails. Interpretive panels along the way invite you to learn about the history of Petite Nation.

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