Nunavik is a vast pristine territory of over 500,000 km2 located above the 55th parallel. Its name means "great land" in the Inuit language. The Torngat Mountains, home of Quebec's highest peak, create a prime habitat for caribou as well as a great challenge for hikers and climbers. Nunavik is also a dream region for hunters and fishers in search of new experiences and a change of scenery, thanks to many outfitters on the land.

Enjoy the water at Parc national Tursujuq

Photo credit: TQ- A.Poulin/Facing Waves

Parc national Tursujuq is an adventurer’s playground full of natural treasures. It’s the province’s largest national park, and its vast inland seas are a dream for sea kayakers and canoeists. Created by a double meteorite impact, Lake Wiyâshâkimî is perfect for bird watching – don’t miss the bald eagles! – and its hilly rocky islands offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. Fatbikes are a great way to explore the shores. Lake Tasiujaq is another aquatic gem, bordered by towering cliffs called Hudson cuestas. Its brackish tidal waters are a haven for seals and beluga whales.

Experience an immersive stay at the Mushuau-nipi ancestral site

A timeless place of exchange and cultural home of the Innu Nation, Mushuau-nipi (the “land without trees”) is an ancestral Indigenous site steeped in history in the heart of the tundra. Learn about the Innu identity and get to know an entire community during a unique social experience promoting cultural connection and knowledge transmission. You can take part in the daily life of a camp to better understand the reality of the First Nations and get acquainted with the typical archaeology of this area, the northern fauna and the local cultural practices. (Website available in French only)

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