In beautiful, natural Lanaudière, there’s spectacular scenery all around you, especially during the fall colour season. And with so much to do, you’re sure to enjoy a fun-filled getaway. It’s the ideal region to enjoy the outdoors, discover local products and share an activity with friends, family or as a couple.

Pick your own seasonal produce

Photo credit: Simon Laroche

A fun and popular fall activity in Lanaudière is picking your own squash, pumpkins, apples, flowers or table grapes. Many farms and orchards open their fields to visitors. You’ll find hundreds of varieties of squash, juicy red, blue and green grapes, and all sorts of delicious apples. Pick a bouquet of sunflowers or lose yourself for a while in the giant maze at Ferme Guy Rivest. Plan your itinerary based on your preferences—it’s a great way to discover what the area has to offer.

Go on a hike

Photo credit: Jimmy Vigneux

Lanaudière is rich in breathtaking views that can be easily reached without having to walk for hours up a steep trail. Better yet, many are located near major towns. The colourful foliage and cooler temperatures make hiking in fall a truly special experience... It’s a wonderful time of year to explore nature with friends or family. Hundreds of kilometres of trails are at your disposal, so you can discover new places and create lasting memories!

Enjoy the extended fishing season

Photo credit: Simon Laroche

Many Lanaudière outfitters extend the sport fishing season until October 31. With the fish in “fattening up” mode in preparation for winter, it’s the perfect opportunity to make some impressive catches. Plus, Lanaudière’s multi-coloured landscapes offer a stunning backdrop to the fall fishing experience. Enjoy this beautiful time of year, gliding peacefully over the water in a canoe—without all the mosquitoes! A great way to squeeze in a memorable trip before the cold weather comes.

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