Drummondville is a destination where you can fill up on culture, nature and adventure! Whether you are interested in discovering its lively downtown area, gourmet attractions or various parks for biking or hiking, you can be sure there is something for the whole family. Outdoor fun, history or entertainment? The choice is yours in this beautiful city of Centre-du-Québec!

The Village québécois d’antan: a theatre from the good old days!

The perfect family destination, the Village québécois d’antan continues to stand out thanks to actors who play mythical characters, reproducing the life of yesteryear. Take a leap into the history of Quebec, from 1810 to 1930, through the captivating stories of these villagers dressed in period costumes.
In a grandiose setting, walk in the footsteps of your ancestors and discover more than 70 period buildings recreating a village of yesteryear. Traditional trades, music, entertainment for the whole family and exhibitions promise total immersion in the French-speaking Quebec of yesteryear.
Also, don’t forget to make a stop at the general store, a true paradise for children with its giant confectionery counter! 


Summer theatre: Guaranteed giggles!

During the whole summer of 2022, the Maison des arts Desjardins Drummondville presents one of the great successes of modern French theatre and film: Le dîner de cons.
This play written by Francis Weber, adapted and directed by André Robitaille, will star Laurent Paquin as the mythical character of François Pignon, and Normand D’Amour playing a completely overwhelmed Pierre Brochant. René Simard, Pascale Montreuil, Gabrielle Fontaine and Bernard Fortin complete this awesome cast!
Discover comedian Laurent Paquin at his best as he embodies the world-class jerk that Mr. Brochant was so eager to invite to impress his friends at the dinner. But Mr. Brochant’s Machiavellian plan will backfire in a series of blunders and misunderstandings that will surely make you laugh out loud.  (Website only available in French)

Smile… you are at the Musée de la Photographie Desjardins!

With collections worthy of great museums, this museum invites you to be transported into the world of photography through the devices and techniques that have marked different eras, from its beginnings in the 19th century until today. Discover, among other things, very rare and very old cameras including a copy of the first mass-produced camera or the army's spy cameras.
You can also admire permanent and travelling photo exhibitions of the greatest photographers from here and elsewhere. Want to live a completely exotic experience? Try developing your photos using the darkroom process. It's almost magical to see the image appear before your eyes.
This is the ultimate destination for all photography enthusiasts!

A haven of nature close to the city

With a dozen riverside parks covering more than 25 kilometers on either side of the majestic Saint-François River, Park to Park awaits you with a multitude of outdoor activities. First, on the bike paths of the city of Drummondville, as well as Route verte no. 4, family cycling enthusiasts may go on a getaway to a ferry that will take them to Kounak Park, the perfect place to have a picnic by the water's edge, before heading to Drummondville beach to cool off. You could also go for a stroll on the splendid Rivia promenade, one of the most beautiful places in Drummondville, or the Drummond Forest Regional Park, a haven of nature just a stone's throw from the city. Find spectacular views of the river and see if you can catch a glimpse of bald eagles, kingfishers and the king of the forest, the white-tailed deer. Soar through the air at Extéria to admire the Spicer Rapids while you make your way through the treetops. Bring your boat, kayak or paddleboard to one of the many launching ramps or rent nautical equipment at Parc Sainte-Thérèse or the Club de voile de Drummondville to explore this magnificent body of water. (Website available only in French)

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