With its spectacular terrain, Charlevoix can be explored from many points of view: from the top of the mountain, to the mighty river, or at the heart of its charming villages. The beauty of the landscapes, friendly atmosphere and multitude of cultural attractions are just part of the undeniable appeal that draws visitors to the region. With outdoor activities, agritourism, cruises, artisan workshops and more, Charlevoix reveals itself through its many natural and cultural treasures.

Cité Mémoire Charlevoix: a powerful tribute to local heritage

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Cité Mémoire Charlevoix is a large-scale multimedia experience stretching out over 2,000 km2 with stunning tableaux and more than 60 points of interest. With your cell phone in hand, rediscover historic buildings from bygone eras and meet colourful characters with loads of captivating stories to tell. Combining art, augmented reality, projections and podcast, this free experience pays tribute to the beautiful scenery and the extraordinary people who have shaped the region.

Savour Charlevoix’s exceptional terroir

Photo credit: @Tourisme Charlevoix, André-Olivier Lyra

Charlevoix is serving up exceptional food tourism adventures this summer, so get ready to indulge in its mouth-watering aromas and exquisite flavours all season long. With its famous Flavour Trail, rich terroir, and passionate chefs and producers, the region will tantalize your taste buds in the most delicious way. Indulge in a meal prepared by award-winning restaurateurs and taste the difference high-quality ingredients from the land and sea bring to locally made products.

Photo credit: Tourisme Charlevoix, André-Olivier Lyra

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