The Bas-Saint-Laurent astonishes with superb landscapes ranging from the sea dotted with islands to the plains and forested mountains. Whether deep in the forest or by the sea, the region is a destination of choice for hiking, cycling and motorcycling. And to complete your getaway, savour delicious local products.

Explore Bas-Saint-Laurent on two wheels

Photo credit: Mathieu Dupuis

The Bas-Saint-Laurent region can easily be explored by bike. Six circuits are available to you and there is something for everyone. You can ride quietly along the river, explore the hills and valleys of the high country and bike across marked trails, or even country roads. The discoveries will be numerous and the memories remarkable.

Ride through the region on a motorcycle

Photo credit: Patric Nadeau

Imagine yourself on a motorcycle riding freely along the river, around a huge lake, across gigantic mountains, all the while filling up with fresh air. Mototourism and the Bas-Saint-Laurent make for a more than successful marriage. Several circuits, including three tourist routes, are available to you and will lead you to discover the region’s best kept secrets.

An inspiring webzine

Photo credit: Mélanie Doré

The return-to-the-land movement, the arrival of several public markets and an enthusiasm for the local economy have influenced the subjects of this new 100% Bas-Saint-Laurent webzine. À la BSL offers interviews with ambassadors from each region. Some were born in Bas-Saint-Laurent and others have adopted the region for its values, its rich nature and its wide-open spaces. Some have acquired businesses, others have developed their passion, but all have finally been able to "take the time to live" to the rhythm of the wind and the tides. Discover their stories! (Website available in French only)

National parks

Photo credit: Patric Nadeau

A visit to any of the national parks in Bas-Saint-Laurent will be rich in discoveries, diversity and landscapes. While seals and the marine environment will be presented to you by the sea at Parc national du Bic, the story of a truly unique forest bordered by an immense lake awaits you at Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata.

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