The Bas-Saint-Laurent astonishes with its superb landscapes stretching from the sea to the plains, dotted with islands and mountains. The region is a destination of choice for hiking and snowmobiling, whether in the forest or by the sea, not to mention ice fishing and skiing. Complete your winter getaway perfectly by savoring delicious products from the Bas-Saint-Laurent region and taking advantage of a wide variety of accommodations.

Go skiing with family in the Bas-Saint-Laurent

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Take the time to experience winter on the snowy slopes of the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. These ski centers offer a wide variety of trails, school slopes and off-trail areas to safely initiate the whole family. Whether you want to go alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing, you can practice your favorite activity at one of the Bas-Saint-Laurent's three ski centers.

Relax in the health centers in the Bas-Saint-Laurent

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Taking care of yourself is important, and that's one great reason to visit a health center in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region! It’s the perfect activity when you want to leave your routine behind and fully enjoy the benefits of relaxation. In addition to the spa installations, you can also enjoy other services offered by these health centers, like massages, facials, and manicures as well as body and beauty treatments.

Plenty of winter activities to try!

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Take the time to treat yourself to winter. Fill your lungs with fresh air on one of the hiking trails in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, either in the woods or by the sea. Choose from a wide range of accommodations for your stay in the region. Go ice fishing in a cabin on the St. Lawrence or a lake for a true change of scenery. And remember that the pleasures of winter are within reach at the ski centers.

Bas-Saint-Laurent: a snowmobiler’s paradise

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Every year, the Bas-Saint-Laurent region enjoys plenty of natural snowfall, which makes snowmobiling an ideal activity. In total, you’ll find 1,800 kilometers of safe, well-groomed trails and an abundance of quality lodging and restaurant services close to the trails. A trip there will convince you: Bas-Saint-Laurent is a must-see destination for seasoned snowmobilers and enthusiasts alike.

Go for accommodations in the heart of nature!

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The Bas-Saint-Laurent offers a wide range of accommodations in nature. There are yurts, cabins, and inns as well as unusual units which are ideal for enjoying the tranquility of nature and treating yourself to an extraordinary experience. In addition, most of these accommodations offer winter activities nearby. It's a perfect balance between comfort and activities!

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