Anchored in a larger-than-life setting, the KiNipi Nordic spa offers a world of relaxation and a return to basics. With superior facilities and an attentive and thoughtful staff, everything is in place to make your experience the most memorable it can be. Discover the magic of autumn at KiNipi Spa nordique & Hébergement, where nature is an integral part of the thermal experience and where hot baths blend with fresh air to offer the ultimate in relaxation. Combine comfort, relaxation, and well-being in a single experience. Immerse yourself in a sensory journey where autumn comes to life at KiNipi Spa nordique & Hébergement. (Website available in French only).

Photo credit: JS Désilets
Photo credit: Jimmy Corbin
Photo credit: Stéphanie Lord
Photo credit: JS Désilets
Photo credit: JS Désilets

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